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Thinfilm SMD Chip Fuse

Thanks to AEM’s unique thin-film process technology and alloy based metal fuse element design, the new T0603FF series SMD chip fuse combines very low DCR and high in-rush current withstanding capability. The T0603FF series chip fuse is ideally suited for battery-powered applications including notebook computers and tablets, cameras, toys, bluetooth earphones, wearables and other portable electronics devices.

Product features:

  • Ultra low DCR
  • Current rating from 0.15A to 5.0A
  • Low profile (0.3mm) for height sensitive applications
  • Lead-free, Halogen Free and RoHS compliant
  • Compatible with lead-free reflow soldering process
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T0603FF Thinfilm fast-acting SMD Chip Fuse

Category: Thinfilm SMD Chip Fuse

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