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Complete Technical Platform

  •  Multiple platform utility patents on materials, production, and design of electronic components, including MLCIs (multilayer interconnection), multilayer and multi-fuse element SMT fuses, multilayer energy curing technology, LTCC, and composite fuse element.
  • Multiple material patents and proprietary technologies, developing and producing basic functional materials for over-current and over-voltage protective components with nano-particle composite material.
  • Extensive experience in developing and industrializing equipment for the manufacturing of electronic components. The front-end build-up and back-end sorting specialty equipment developed and manufactured in batches for producing multilayer components keeps ahead of the industry globally with excellent comprehensive performance and provides powerful support to our fast growth.
  • 3in1 technology innovation platform with edges in materials, processes, and equipment, and advanced computer simulation design technology, enabling AEM to continuously launch new products in the electronic components industry and provide customers with products of high performance price ratio (PPR).