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Automotive SMD Fuses

AEM Components’ AEC-Q200 qualified and ISO/TS16949 certified fuses are setting a new standard for reliable performance in demanding automotive applications. Choose from AirMatrix wire-in-air fuses and SolidMatrix solid body fuses for optimum performance under the hood or in the cabin.

SolidMatrix® SMD Chip Fuse

Featuring a monolithic glass-ceramic body and multilayer silver fuse element the SolidMatrix® SMD fuse series is offered in EIA 0402, 0603 and 1206 case sizes with Fast Acting, Slow Blow and High In-Rush Current clear-time characteristics. From 0.5A to 30A current rating and 24VDC to 64VDC voltage rating the SolidMatrix® fuse provides excellent secondary circuit protection in DC power application.

AirMatrix® SMD Fuses

Featuring a wire-in-air construction the AirMatrix® EIA 2410, 1210 and 1206 package is suitable for primary AC line voltage circuit protection with 250/125VAC and 125/65VDC voltage rating.  The AirMatrix® is offered with current ratings from 0.5A to 20A and its fiber glass enforced fuse body is capable of sustaining high interrupting ratings.

Thinfilm SMD Chip Fuse

Thanks to AEM’s unique thin-film process technology and alloy based metal fuse element design, the new T0603FF series SMD chip fuse combines very low DCR and high in-rush current withstanding capability. The T0603FF series chip fuse is ideally suited for battery-powered applications including notebook computers and tablets, cameras, toys, bluetooth earphones, wearables and other portable electronics devices.

GcDiode® ESD Suppressors

Featuring a glass-ceramic body and proprietary co-fired ESD functional material the ultra-low capacitance (0.25pF) GcDiode® provides reliable ESD protection for high speed data ports.  With fast response time (<1ns) and low leakage current (1nA) the GcDiode® is widely used in USB 3.0, HDMI and DVI  while maintaining signal integrity. 

Multilayer Varistors

The MLV series is available in low energy ESD protection to high energy voltage surge protection from 0201 to 2220 EIA standard package sizes.  Also available is the new MVF series a 4 channel ESD-EMI array featuring a "P" type LC filter with combined ESD suppression in a 0508 case size.     

SMD Chip Inductors and Beads

From high power to high frequency applications AEM™s complete line of chip inductors and beads are an excellent solution for EMI signal filtering.

Circuit Protection Catalog

Circuit Protection Catalog: Complete circuit protection product family including SMD fuses, ESD protection and MLV's.

Inductive Component Catalog

Inductive Component Catalog: Complete inductive product family including, high power and high frequency ferrite chip beads and surface mount inductors.

PPTC Resettable Fuse

Featuring EIA standard SMD package sizes from 0603 to 2920, the AEM PMS series uses proprietary materials and strict quality management standards to provide a stable, high-performance and high-quality product.. Developed and manufactured with multiple proprietary patented technologies, the PMS series is available with current ratings ranging from 0.5A to 3.75A. The resettable fuses can be used in computers & peripherals, portable electronic devices, multimedia entertainment systems, wireless communications, broadband networking equipment, industrial control systems, battery packs and automotive electronic devices. The PMS PPTC resettable fuses will help to prevent products from being damaged in an overcurrent or short circuit condition.