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AEM Releases 1206 Size Wire-in-Air Surface Mount Fuses


New 1206 Size Wire-in-Air series to deliver fuses with low profile bodies and compact footprints while maintaining high inrush current withstanding capabilities. Fuses from the AF1206 Wire-in-Air series will be available in a range of current ratings from 1.5-15A and have voltage ratings spanning 32-65V, making them an applicable solution for a broad range of consumer electronic applications. AEM leads the market as one of the first manufacturers to release a 1206 wire-in-air fuse with a 15A current rating.

SAN DIEGO, CA September 22, 2014 AEM Components today introduces the AF1206, a new AirMatrixTM fuse series with the compact EIA 1206 size. The Wire-in-Air structure of the AirMatrixTM design allows for high voltage ratings and high inrush current withstanding capability in a compact package size. AEM’s new AF1206 fuse is a market leader with current ratings up to 15A, making this series an ideal solution for a broad range of applications; ultrabook, PCs, battery packs, LCD panels, DC/DC converters, DC fans, auto electronics, telecommunication and network devices.

AF1206 Wire-in-Air features:

  • Extremely thin fuse body(1.3mm max) ideal for space constraint applications
  • Fast acting clearing characteristics at 250% overload current level
  • High I^2 t ideal for applications with inrush transients
  • High surge-withstanding capabilities in comparison to other EIA 1206 chip fuses
  • High voltage and interrupting ratings
  • Operating temperature range: -55°C to +125 °C (with de-rating)
  • Halogen-free, lead free, RoHS compliant and UL recognized

The AF1206 data sheet is available here and samples are now available. Inquiries may be sent to AEM directly or to local AEM distributors.

With over 25 years of experience, AEM Components (USA), Inc. has become a leading manufacturer in the surface mount electronic components industry, and it is one of the few companies to have its own unique technology platform. AEM's surface mount fuses, ESD suppressors and multilayer varistors (MLVs) provide circuit protection for commercial electronic products. The company also offers chip inductors and beads for electromagnetic (EMI) signal filtering. AEM possesses patented process technologies as well as proprietary nano-particle composite material technologies, equipment technologies and computer simulation capabilities. AEM houses research and development centers, manufacturing facilities and sales offices in the United States and throughout Asia. More information about AEM can be found at

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